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Nov 9, 2012 7:00am PST
to the wonderrous powers of the lotus set raand he does chanting and the parody is something like if anyone is old enough to remember and the mouse before vatican two and you don't understand anything and it's mumbo jump bow and this is a parody of that. the second and third pieces before the intermission i will not introduce. i think the program notes are sufficient and rather than lecture i would much rather you enjoy the performance. the one thing i would like to emphasize about the first piece this is indeed a comic piece and in most instances westerners have a great problem when they come to a concert of classical music and view it as this is supposed to be serious music. this is not serious music and i would ask to you laugh. you are welcome to laugh. you may laugh. you need to practice laughing. we can progress -- all right. now, for those of you that find laughing difficult ladies and gentlemens you can at this timtiter in a nice way andf you want to be butch about it do the manly thought. please this isn't a work of aesthetic value it should be seen as humorous. as i of practici
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
street. our team coverage starts with grant lotus. >> if we are live at the civic center plaza and the clean up is underway. dozens of people working feverishly stacking up chairs and removing the portable fencing just as fast as this entire thing went up it is coming down. the baseball season is officially over. with 1 million fans packed these areas and surrounding streets around city hall. they were deedee. wishing their fans and thanking them. they were giddy. we were all along the parade routes and some of these players were just as excited as the fans. >> these players and fans support each other every day and it is exciting, what is amazing, this city is deserving look of the support the we have. how this is real, this is what it is all about. unbelievable, unbelievable, is great! >> hall is the elbow? how is that elbow? >> the surprise ending of tony bennett singing " i left my heart in san francisco ". many people using their phones to record that and many people took pictures. celebrating their giants' success of 2012, and 2010. a giant celebration. speaking of pictur
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm PDT
is it within striking distance. grant lotus, kron 4. >> we will have extended live coverage on election night coming up next tuesday. it all starts at 8:00 you can also stay updated on our website kron 4 .com and facebook & ed twitter. >>jacqueline: and/or twitter -- >>jacqueline: we can see that cloud coverage to the north. we are just seeing the cloud coverage and temperatures in the '50s with the skies expected to clear leading to cooler conditions. fog is expected near the coast but as we are looking at it is possible going away from the coast it could be cooler. and warmer temperatures especially sunday. we will keep it warm for early next week but that cooling will possibly begin on tuesday. for the latter half of next week. temperatures? tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s. 60s. and everywhere mostly 60s and even some 70's in some areas. that warming trend will continue. and also the smell of bacon deductions as we take a look for the evening the temperatures are going to be--cooling. the evening- temperatures cooling. >>jacqueline: cooler conditions in the north bay. and 40's expected w
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
on lotus notes for email it's a round laughter all along and what needs to take place. >> let me say two things about the conversation and let me put it out there how i perceive the comments and the reports and supervisor your comments. number one is we did studies if we're spending enough on it in the city. if you look at the budget city wide and north of $7 billion a year we spend on city services which is frankly a huge amount of money, so when you look at the percentage whether it's $150 million or $250 million depending which report you read from it -- >> by the way if i can make one note and we can't figure out that number is astonishing to me and i ask every year in the budget process and this report points to $250 million i think is more accurate and ongoing question to the mayor's office and the controller's office and how we get a handle of that. my apologies for interrupting. >> what do we want to do? do we want to save money? is that our goal in san francisco? i suggest to you and i am not embarrassed by the fact we're are the innovation city and it's a lot of money and i
Nov 2, 2012 5:30am PDT
and i can't say a city government that puts lotus notes on my email system is capital of innovation in the public sector. i think many of the technologies are stuck in 1999 and unless we do this we will -- there will be future supervisors who will have larger binder of folders of additional reports and all the monies wasted and the efficiencies wasted and not taking the opportunity to move into a real 21st century government and i take we take this to heart and really work on, so in a few years we will truly win the seven awards that the department of technology received but we are a model for how we manage the technology for years to come and with that chairman. >> thank you president chiu. i want to thank all the departments that came to respond as well. i couldn't agree with more of the point of this report. obviously we have a lot of work to do. i am one of the members of the board of supervisors frustrated where we are with the technology here in san francisco and city government and i will say these challenges are not easy to solve but we're not doing our job on the boar
Nov 6, 2012 2:05am PST
. >> celebrity coach and judge on nbc's hit show "the voice" and her studio album "lotus" comes out next week. >> your career was hot before this little show you decided to go called "the voice." >> how has that side project changed the world for you? >> you know, i went into it as a passion project at a time where i wanted to actually step away from being an artist myself, step outside of myself and give advice and be a coach and give back some of my experience and knowledge being in this business. and the way the format of the show was presented to me, the blind auditions being something so real and, you know, no preconceived notions, no judgment except for being inspired by a voice was huge, and it's been inspiring for me to incorporate that even into my lyrics on my new album "lotus" to inspire the next generation of singers. >> when people stop you on the street now, do they talk about the show, do they talk about the chemistry between you and blake and adam and cee lo? >> yeah. it is wonderful for me to see how much people actually do enjoy the show. took my son to an allergy test the o
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
, it is in a statistical dead heat. 49 percent support president obama and the same support mitt romney. fazan grant lotus. >> at least 270 that would needed to win. the red states here are safely romney or cleaning romney. the blue states are safely obama, or legal,. these yellow states, and the key swing states. still too close to call. here are a couple of scenarios that would lead to a robber the victory. let's say romney takes florida victory possible. that gives him a florida and ohio. key as the amount of a 266. however, what happens if mitt romney does not get ohio? look at how difficult it is to get without getting ohio. he would still take colorado, ohio, and wisconsin. and he could possibly get wisconsin putting him at 273. interesting scenarios is coming up at six rules for the path to victory for president obama. and speaking of winning, we've a poll of our facebook orphea page. fan and-on or fan page. you can go to our fan page and will have those results later in the show. >> today is the last date for early ballots for the 2012 on a decision tuesday. today some people tell kron 4 haazig ma
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
of these are happening overnight tracking crime grant lotus, kron 4. >> the timing is over with surfers and organizers held an organization and paddled out. they wait for the right combination of swell and weather between early november in the end of march. when the conditions are just right, they go out to 24 of the vote most endearing big wave surfers. the each get a day's notice to fly to the half mapeltohalf f bo at half moon bay -- area. >>jacqueline: we are looking at that spot the area of with instability. we do have the possibility of heavy downpour. through half moon bay and as we had overnight we are going to see the possibility of some chilly temperatures. broken cloud patterns and some clearer skies. tense right now are already 48 in daly city 50 in vallejo, ovato.. and a good. with novato... the keys with some portions seeing a frost advisory. by 8:00 i would not be surprised by the north bay and the inland valleys will be impacted by this frost advisory. more about that and the warmer weather, coming up. >> of delta davis tonight, she is hanging up her microphone. she has reported at kro
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
bridge it was really coming down but he said the rain is starting to taper off now. >> yes lotus are tracker 4 and we are starting to see clear conditions for the peninsula and the north bay. we're still currently raining for some of our east bay spots but a lot of that rain has pushed east and we're picking up heavy rain right now in the santa cruz mountains. we can still see pretty heavy downpour for walnut creek up through concord. higher rates for and the court things occurring after the san ramon valley and the bay bridge over into san francisco as well. you need to use a wrench a wiper in spots but the rain is relatively spotty. it is dry for the altamont pass but interstate 580 approaching livermore we are picking up some rain. the south bay, light rain right now in milpitas and it looks like we're starting to dry things out in san jose. just because it is dry now does not mean it will stay that way. we have the potential for some pop up showers until about lunchtime. if you're contending with the rain you their chances you are seeing some fog. visibility is compromising c
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
with for the morning commute. the annual lotus most, the temperature is taking a tumble. 67 right now at reagan national. 72 this hour in fredericksburg. a delightful afternoon even with the sky. shifting winds and temperatures. 58 degrees at 11:00 tonight and into the 40's seven hours later. through the day, we have been watching temperatures drop. it has been wintry behind the cold front. 25 in minneapolis minn., is a the cold air is coming in. this is the time of year where the track will miss us and we only get a glancing blow. we get colder, but that in a change you will feel. here the way the satellite and radar look. clear skies rapidly developing in west central and western ohio. we will get in on some of that tomorrow afternoon but a very cold and cloudy start with areas of rain in the morning and then some improving for temperatures that are below average. the futurecast from nine or 10:00, the rain will be out with a dry air and it should clear this out. temperatures pinning into the 40's for this afternoon. upper 50's late tonight. partially sunday by midday. about 50 degrees. throu
Nov 10, 2012 5:00am PST
is ready to add to her string of hits with "lotus." christina, nice to have you with us. >> thank you, thanks for having me. there's been a few changes to "the voice" this season, do you like it? >> i do, any more excuse to push that button. we have it back in there, going strong, and people are really seeming to appreciate it and like it. it keeps the action going, it's fun. >> i would think that makes it more fun you for guys too, does it make a real difference in the team? >> it does, maybe you might have missed the opportunity the first time around, and you never know in the dynamics of who they will go up against, one person, another coach might pass on someone else, that might be great. last season i had this battle between two amazing male vocalists, jesse and anthony. and you know, it was -- they were both so incredible. if we had steal last year, someone would not have gone home that day. it's a very interesting format that gets better and better with this show. >> i'm a very big fan of the show. one of the things you hear a lot about is that it's a show that parents and kids
Nov 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
controversy especially now that alex smith is healthy again, or appears to be. grant lotus on the 9ers drama and you said a few minutes ago, the 49ers are happy to have very good players at the q- backs. >> they wish they were in this position. you had a decision to make and it certainly looks like at this point the young guy, colin kaepernick is going to get the starting nod against the saints in new orleans. according to sports illustrated, coach reportedly told both players of his decision yesterday, the same day he publicly would not name a starter and still not publicly. meanwhile, espn said alex smith has medically been cleared to play. however, greg roman said that's not the case. who do you believe? anyway, smith was limited in practice today. that concussion he suffered, you can see it back here on november 11th when the 9ers tied the rams. smith was having a very good season completing 70% of his passes for harbaugh and third best passer rating in the league for alex smith, but sidelined and kaepernick got his shot against the bears. smith still suffering from those concussion-rela
Nov 24, 2012 12:45am EST
. >> >> of lotus write that down. mexican drug factory. five years ago of assess the bad messing around now we have more drums in the air in the u.s. military. not that hours are the predators types but we could do it. materialize a regular guy could compete with the aerospace industry to use an open source hardware and technology made me realize something have been to. the last time i felt the chill was i saw the first web browser. when a realize the concept of publishing was threatened an end the internet. we remember the first moment when we realize broadcasts publishing, communicating to billions of fico was a matter of of print and click that democratization plus of happening and then we got swim affair is two different the. >> but there is eight intellectualized framer. and then new holding in your hands. it does the same thing but with more layers. it builds up feigns out of plastic. but when you get home we got one and now my children grew up with the printer and they think it is normal that anything they can imagine or draw they could rent out and they complain about the resolution by. [la
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
a break because of mecca storm sandy. election day is just now ffour days away. with arizona grant lotus breaks down the maps and shows us how states are being projected to vote. >> here are some of these states that are still up for grabs. florida, colorado you can see on the maps. take a look of how close it is from cnn and in ohio. perhaps the most important swing state. with 50% to commit robberies 40%. just two percentage points ahead. and you can see the same in florida with a huge state. president obama with just a one percentage lead and look at new hampshire. it from the 47%. and i was, six percentage points. and in iowa--6 percentage points. and president obama is leading in these states but it is also in mayor margin of error. he is still however within striking distance. check out this superstore sandy forced both candidates to alter their campaign schedule, big time this week. on facebook, we are asking you what impact do think sandy will have on the election. join the conversation. we will be reading comments on air later in the show. >> off we will have continuing coverage
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am PST
with a brand new album. this one is called "lotus." christina, good morning. >> good morning. love to see you today. >> good morning, how are you? >> i love the set today, thank you. i feel so special. >> do you like it? >> it doesn't spin. everything else is in working condition. >> that's all right, that's all right. five people on the team now, right. all the teams are down to five. >> yes. >> you must know, i know you're not going to share to me, you must have an idea of who you would like to win now. >> you think you do, and depending on the songs they choose week by week you're kind of blown away. oh, i didn't know you had that capability. for instance, one girl on my team right now who, you know, i thought, okay, i know she's great. i know she can hit the notes and be a powerhouse and gets behind the piano and plays very well and shows a more vulnerable softer side of herself which was quite a surprise, so it could be anybody's game at this point. >> you like the pop singers, it seems, and blake shelton came out, and he said he thinks you've gone too much for artists of one genre, and
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
one year to prepare the was great. >>pam: grant lotus is following the national map last night. there is still one state that does not have the totals! >> that is correct, p.m. that is the state of florida. and there is no definitive word on when the final tally in florida will be official. we are supposedly hurrying hearing that they're going to be working to get the numbers. if you remember it year 2000 with al gore. they still need to get and the numbers. except every other state is painted in. and let us take a look of the balance of power starting with the senate. the democrats controlled the senate before and now they're still projecting to take a two seats however cnn is going to say where there should be 53 were dianne feinstein, she easily had a reelection. and also democratic victories in indiana. joe donnelly beat murdoch in massachusetts and warren defeated brown. for that one independent expected to lead democratic during voting time and there are 46 republicans. the democrats reclaim control. and the republicans were take the majority in the house. cnn is projecti
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
: joining us kron 4 sports director, gary radnich. >> grant lotus, and i should have been on before him. but i am not happy at also. >> the save the best analysis for laugh last- >> we showed you about this first quarter it was a quarterback sneak. one thing is for sure is that he stayed in the game but alex smith started complaining of a blurred vision and tried to shake it off. dennand this went over to crabtree after that it happened before he left the game and one more time as i was just joking with him. this is not from the 49ers these are with the insiders that all these things. yesterday, it was a concussion and michael vick probably not play for philadelphia. and the other concussion that i mentioned, the 49ers, and color will also not play but it looks like alex smith has a chance of recovering. if you are a backup quarterback that is always a running quarterback. and the quarterback is the most popular guy in town. you have somebody that is untested. rushing for 66 yds. with 117 for the air. letting the team down after the regulation to set up of field goal. here's what harbau
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm PST
"lotus." she says she chose that title because it's an unbreakable flower that stands the test of time. that's a goal for herself and her music. there is something i'm getting about you. first of all, you're off on stage, out there, and this stuff, but there is a shyness. it's funny, because i'm sitting here thinking, i sense a real -- i mean, it's beautiful to me. there is a place where you feel more comfortable. >> i'm very much two people. one is the extra averted performer and then there is definitely the little girl that just kind of needs to be held and comforted and, you know, just wants to be heard. ♪ hearts stop and beat as one ♪ forever >>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joini . >>> more on the man who triggered a security scare at a bay area airport. and we investigate the next generation of air traffic control that could lead to the next generation of cyber terrorism. ionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
are hitting the road today. >> with all of the extra cars on the road of grant lotus is tracking trafficker run the bay area. you will have that in a minute but first, kron 4 is tracking your holiday weather. let us look at this on the top right is from mt. tam. of the bottom is a san francisco skyline. a very rainy weekend. jacqueline, is this wet weather still going to be gone? >> is, the good news is that we are still seeing some clear skies. if your headed out the door or for this evening or tomorrow you were not " revenue proble problems t with clear skies another- look at the golden gate bridge where we are also seeing clear skies with the was not the casa lot of rainfall, earlier. if 1 in. in san francisco. oakland, mountain view, but that rain has gone. temperatures are going to be on the mild side as we go towards thanksgiving. upper 50s, 60s with clear skies. we are going to see chilly conditions for the overnight hours. here is what we can expect with the chilly temperatures in the 40's and a number of areas even the 30's in some locations. for your thanksgiving, mostly sunny and
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm EST
'll tour her new album "lotus." she says she chose that title because it's an unbreakable flower that stands the test of time. that's a goal for herself and her music. there is something i'm getting about you. first of all, you're off on stage, out there, and this stuff, but there is a shyness. it's funny, because i'm sitting here thinking, i sense a real -- i mean, it's beautiful to me. there is a place where you feel more comfortable. >> i'm very much two people. one is the extra averted performer and then there is definitely the little girl that just kind of needs to be held and comforted and, you know, just wants to be heard. ♪ hearts stop and beat as one ♪ forever >>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us.
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
investors become as lotus itself as the as 800 million shares at a bank kept off the market since the company went public in may. fe is the biggest block the face tough stop thief flee france the icl. fifth of the dow was down 68 points right now with trading below 13,000. >> california is a very as cap and trade auction today for greenhouse gas permits. there is one of the lawsuit filed to try to stop it. a group of new regulations and is meant to radically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. there is a limit on the emissions from individual polluters. companies are now required to catch half thought enough toch >> it's hard to think about it or even... like us that it's a blessing. >> a mother and father over to a local gas station and the baby arrives. we'll need a baby and the officers that help them when we come back. >> we want to see that what we still have a few slow spots interstate 868580. we'll start with the east shore freeway where an accident in berkeley started to back the traffic up once again. it is and from highway 4 westbound with a 33 minute drive time from h
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am EST
to be in the lotus 2-mid-50s. slight chance we will see a little bit of rain next week. the% chance for the start of all of the week. >>> 8:00 now on this thursday morning. it's the 15th of november, 2012, and it's a chilly one here in new york city. just 36 degrees as we step outside. all the fine folks here at rockefeller plaza. i'm savannah gurthrie alongside matt lauer and al roker. beautiful morning out here today. >> brisk. >>> you know who we have coming up? we have dr. phil in studio right now. we've been reporting about the scandal involving the former cia director david petraeus. dr. phil is going to give us an interesting take on this. he's going to take a look at the women involved in that scandal and give us his thoughts on that. >> all right. we also saw you at guy fieri's restaurant a little while ago. guy fieri has invaded our studio and brought food with him and we're going to put today's professionals, going to put their bibs on and try some of this. >> we'll see what they think about that. >>> and then we had this big political campaign, a lot of debate about what's right and w
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
than i lean. >> that's an understatement. mcculley he's at the mountaintop in the lotus position, he leans to the left a little? >> he's no longer here. >> he's there in presence. you're in california. is there any businesses left at all in that state? >> there are quite a few. go to silicon valley, los angeles, san francisco. this is still the engine of innovation for the u.s. economy. >> they're making it tough on you. >> we could be doing better, that's true. >> so neel, when you say that this does lift some immediate uncertainty but you're not sure what it means beyond that, what do you think the market does between now and the end of the year, let's say? maybe not this week but between now and the end of the year under a reelected president obama or under a newly elected mitt romney? >> well, i think under reelected president obama, i would expect to see volatility increase especially as it relates around the fiscal cliff. we need to see them come together, divided government needs to work together. they have not worked together very well over the past couple years so the market
Nov 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
and that will compel lotus' to the polls. explain the difference between one versus the other. guest: i can only tell you the one doctor i know. the enthusiasm factor. when ed says the republicans have an enthusiasm factor, he is absolutely correct. we have measured this all of your long. republicans have had a much greater interest and intensity in terms of this election. it is not unusual that the out party is more excited and more involved and we have seen this before. but the statement by david plouff may be correct but until we see the turnout and know exactly what it is, one cannot really judge how effective is. obviously it needs to be and there is an important thing to note here. the activity by the obama campaign is aimed at what i call the swing states and the purple states. those may help to carry the electoral votes but it may not mean they will carry the popular vote. which is a way of saying that they may turn out there don't -- their vote where they needed to be accessed -- successful and in ohio, wisconsin, etc. but it does not mean that in other states people not have a more moderate
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
, paul? find him, he's up on a mountain somewhere. lotus position somewhere. >> he shaved. >> i went with him for a walk saturday, he's loving life. >> did he ask you what was the sound of one hand clapping. >> we were talking about how the bengals are doing as well. >> against the giants are you a bengals fan, you are? >> it was very impressive what you guys did to the giants. >> he's a jets guy. tebow, yes or no -- >> rise above, rise above, remember. >> should woody johnson rise above and start tebow? >> no, not yet. >> when? >> not yet? what's it going to take? >> how about firing rex? >> not yet. >> mohamed we have steven roach here today, he was invoking your name earlier, talking about how consumers really have gotten crushed because of the debt that they're trying to get out from under. he was talking about the new normal, and we figured we'd have you here to talk more about it, too. is this an endless cycle at this point? >> it shouldn't be, becky. the new normal basically said we overdid it during the great age of debt, of leverage and of credit entitlement and now we've go
Nov 15, 2012 1:00am EST
's and a downgrade and our credit. that to me is the difficulty of saying, lotus -- for a few months. when you are carrying 16.3 trillion dollars there's a cost to doing that. i feel that we send an unmistakable signal that we are not prepared as well. thank you for being here. i appreciate you joining us. >> kurt jackson with the record in new jersey. the governor of new york as a disaster from hurricane sandy will cost about $30 billion in his state, new jersey's estimate is still coming in. it could be that high. we need additional disaster aid, with the support it or would you insist that it be offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget? >> i would like to see whatever the final numbers are here and there are preliminary estimates. and when you indicate that we desired to be offset, many of us desired that -- that was not the case. that is outside the debt deal, the disaster relief. but this is the interesting situation we find ourselves in it. in order to help new york and new jersey, federal government does not have any money. we have to go to the federal reserve or borrow more money. we wil
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 50 (some duplicates have been removed)